When I was first planning to go travelling I was excited- as you would be! I was going to SE Asia and NZ with my BEST FRIEND!!!! We were going for 7 months ish, then, off to uni being able to tick off the typical traveller route; Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand but then adding NZ and seeing 2 of my best friends I hadn’t seen in 2 years!!! Flights out were booked and flights coming home were booked everything in between we could play by ear. SORTED! The last day of Feb had come, and we were off. Little did I know 6/7 months would turn into a year and would leave me only coming home to get a degree, so I can start a new life in a completely new country (NZ!!! Which, I just completely fell in love wit.) Without wanting to sound too much like the stereotypical ‘I found myself’ gap year student, I definitely had my ups, and the majority were but, I also had my downs, ran into some trouble and of course money issues. But, being that far away from home you really learn a lot about yourself.


I’m home. Different country, different house, same living situation as when I left (living with my parents). So much has changed since I’ve come home, the virus has messed a lot of things up, lockdown was tough for everyone but after hitting a low during lockdown ya girl bounced back got another job and is now a month away from going to University back on track for reaching my goals of living in NZ working in PR. If the last few years have taught me anything is that life is never boring (good or bad!) and there’s always something to share with people.


Sometimes we all finding ourselves questioning ourselves. ‘Is this right?’ ‘Should I be doing this?’ That’s normal, these questions are driven from our sense of morals and values. Do you know the difference between values and morals? They’re both very similar and I think they both equate to your sense of self and self-worth, soContinue reading “YOUR SENSE OF SELF.”


Synonyms for ‘lockdown’ include ‘solitary confinement’ ‘imprisonment’ ‘isolation’ which all have connotations for being mentally very challenging to say the least and lockdown was just that. I found lock down mentally very hard a few for different reasons, and I’m very aware that I’m not alone on this; on the mind website it states thatContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH, LOCKDOWN AND ME.”

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